Meet and Greet with Green People’s founder Charlotte Vøhtz

Come and meet Green People’s founder and pioneer Charlotte Vøhtz at Pure Source this Saturday between 11am and 1pm.

Green People UK’s multi award-winning range is one of the front-runners in the organic beauty industry, with dedicated ranges for women, men, teens, children, babies, sun care and organic mineral make-up. The company’s aim is to offer certified organic beauty products and naturally avoid any harsh synthetic chemicals. It also operates a strict cruelty-free policy and uses no animal derived ingredients.

Charlotte’s extensive knowledge includes a background in chemistry and pharmacology as well as phytotherapy, herbal medicine and nursing. She is also on the committee of the British Soil Association where she has played an active role in setting the standards for natural and organic beauty products and cosmetics. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to personally ask Charlotte questions on her products and ingredients and advice on any skin issues you may have.