Marge’s Moo-velous Makeover!

Gallery NuEdge and the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre present:
Marge’s Moo-velous Makeover! The Second Edition

Meet the new ‘Moo-velous’ Marge

Marge #2 has a brand new do! Local artist, Catharine Cummins has completed the recent makeover of the iconic Marge, the infamous cow sculpture located in the Palm Courtyard at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.

Decorated with classic Barbadian images depicting both daytime activities and the island’s nightlife, Marge #2 is already attracting significant interest and many visitors to the Centre are sharing images via social media.

As with the first Marge, the proceeds from the sale of Marge #2 will again be donated to the Barbados Community Foundation (BCF), who will in turn distribute the funds to various charitable initiatives around Barbados.

To view this udderly exciting public art event in Limegrove’s Palm Courtyard, please dial 246-621-0067 for times.

Marge Makeover
Marge Makeover
Raising Proceeds
for a Good Cause
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