Limegrove Welcomes Award-Winning Floral Exhibit

HOLETOWN, BARBADOS – For one week starting February 12, the Barbados Horticultural Society showcased a replica of its award-winning Chelsea Flower Show exhibit at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.

During the prestigious show, held in London in May 2014, the Barbados team won a gold medal, their 16th, for their resplendent display created around the theme, Sailor’s Valentine.

The Sailor’s Valentine was a choice souvenir British sailors picked up while in Barbados and took home for their sweethearts during the 1800’s. The classic gift is traditionally housed in an octagonal mahogany box with a glass cover to protect an intricate, delicate and painstakingly assembled collage of tiny, naturally coloured seashells, often incorporating a floral motif, a heart shape and a verse or message.

The exhibit at Limegrove was a recreation of the work of art in floral design, which featured McArthur palms, dracaenas, cordylines, philodendrons, heliconias, anthuriums, ginger lilies and orchids.

The Barbados Horticultural Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting gardening and horticulture on the island. The Sailor’s Valentine exhibit is their second at Limegrove.