Summer Craft Fair Information and Guidelines

Details of Event:

Location: Palm Courtyard & Drive Through
Time: 10am-4pm
Fee: $100 (Non-refundable)

Registration Forms and Payments:

All registration forms must be fully completed and signed using the online Event Registration form. All payments must be delivered to the Limegrove Management Office located on the 2nd Floor, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre,Payments must be made between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday. Registration and payment deadline is Friday, July 24, 2015.

Please make all Cheques payable to Limegrove Events Ltd

Event Set-up & Breakdown

Set-up will commence from (time) on (date). All participating vendors must be set up by (time). Vendors must not commence breakdown before the scheduled event closing time. Vendors will receive more information regarding booth placement in advance of the set-up date.

Please Note: Vendors who do not adhere to the set-up times or breakdown times assigned will not be invited to participate in future events held by Limegrove Events Ltd.

Exceptions: For events held on Saturday, Limegrove Events Ltd. will extend set-up times for vendors arriving from the Brighton Farmer’s Market. Please indicate this in the ‘Special Requests’ field of the Event Registration form.

Tables, Chairs & Displays:

Please be advised that chairs and tables are not provided. Each vendor must bring everything they require. If you have requested power supply, you must bring extension cords. Each vendor is required to cover their table with a clean tablecloth and maintain their display and immediate surroundings in an aesthetically pleasing, presentable manner.


So as to maintain the integrity of each event hosted by Limegrove Events Ltd., there may be a limit to the number of vendors allowed within a particular category (e.g. jewellery). If a limit is imposed, vendors within a particular category will be selected on a first come basis.

New Vendors:

Limegrove welcomes new vendors. Vendors that have not participated in previous Limegrove fairs or similar events, will need to go through our vetting process, and supply photos of their work for consideration in order to get approved.

Contact Details:

Lynne Williams, Event Coordinator

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